Northwest Passage in Canada needs to be safeguarded


The Northwest Passage in Canada is under constant observation lately as China now embarks on sending large cargo vessels through the narrow pass in a means to transport goods to the US. Although disputes have existed between the Canadian and American governments, over the authority of these straits, this hasn’t stopped China from making her own plans. This passage can save Chinese freights up to 40% in travelling times. Although Canada still claims that vessels must ask for permission when making the voyage through this narrow pass, US officials say jurisdiction comes under those of ‘international waters’. One area of concern for the Canadian government is that they may not be able to safeguard or rescue ships that hit ice, claiming it is still not safe enough. What may be good for China’s booming economy may not be as good for the Northwest Passage in Canada, as the area has been largely untouched; the risks to the local marine life are astronomical. Polar bears also reside throughout this icy passage. Ever since the SS Manhattan made its voyage here back in the 69, many have foreseen the impending moment, when melting ice caps would allow a passage for ships. Now Justin Trudeau, the current prime minister, faces a similar challenge to his father. Trudeau should move now to safeguard the Northwest Passage and commit to the claim that this passage belongs to Canada. Canada’s position on this matter should be strengthened.