Nature in the World under Constant Threat

Nature in the world

The Northwest Passage may well be a notorious route linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans via the Canadian Arctic, but there is a major threat: global warming. In fact, nature in the world is under tremendous threat from so-called progress. The passage is not the icy, treacherous area it once was and, today, there are hot tubs and restaurants for tourists. Quite a ghastly thought, I think. It’s as though nowhere is untouched by man anymore. One wonders how long we’ll have these beautiful landscapes. Nature in the world has to endure man’s constant damage. Now there is talk about drilling into potential oil reserves below the surface of the Arctic Ocean floor. It just seems as though man’s greed knows no end. Even Greenpeace has looked upon this move as potentially catastrophic. The drilling poses a risk to the Arctic and a huge upset for the climate, not to mention the effect it will have on marine life, especially the whales. It just seems as though our planet is disintegrating before us.