The effect of global warming on Northwest Passage

The effect of global warming

The whole world is being affected by the effect of global warming. Increasing temperatures, shifting seasons, harsher winters and warmer summers are all the effect of global warming. The Northwest passage has also been affected by this global phenomena. Ice is melting and the number of sunny days is increasing. This has lead to opening up of the passage for ship navigation. Now, this can be good and bad at the same time. Melting of the Arctic sea will lead to the water level of the sea rising, and change in the temperature of undercurrents. Yes, there will be more mild days for Canada due to climate change says study, and this is being hailed as good. But, is it good for the Mother Earth? Of course not. The change in water temperatures will mean more cyclones and typhoons ravaging habitable lands all across the globe. Finally, the scientists say that there will be harsh winters which will lead us to the ice age.