Northwest Passage adventure stories that inspire

Northwest passage adventure

I have a friend who Shares tales of Arctic’s Northwest Passage. They are fascinating and inspiring. Once he told me about the 20-day journey to the home of the polar bears and stunning fjords. He followed the footsteps of John Franklin, a Royal Navy officer, who died exploring the Northwest Passage. There, at Beechey Island, one can still find the graves from Franklin expedition that got lost in the distant 19th century. Recently I started to think about my own Northwest Passage adventure. I can’t wait to see ancient glaciers and icebergs that, unfortunately, are in danger today because of global warming. My dream is also to see polar bears, seals and narwhals. In the USA polar bears are listed as a threatened species, so maybe our grandchildren won’t have this chance anymore. A Northwest Passage adventure is a must for anyone who loves nature and collects enduring memories. Today it is easy to plan such a trip. There’s an entire cruise industry, and many companies offer to traverse the Northwest Passage on a passenger ship.