Northwest passage scenic byway is changing rapidly due to climate change

Northwest passage scenic byway

The Northwest Passage Scenic Byway follows the route through north- central Idaho that was used by the explorers’ Lewis and Clarke. The byway covers 202 miles beginning in the US 12 at Lewiston. It is a strategic route through Northern Canada that runs from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Pacific. Northwest Passage Scenic Byway is of very great economic importance for both Canada and the United States, as it is used by trucks to transport goods to and fro. The byway has also been said to have the potential to link Europe and Asia through shipping, however, this has not been possible due to very low waterways and ice clogs. This area also has a lot of other economic activities going on around it such as tourism, boating and fishing. Though recently due to global warming the polar icecap has melted and resulted in habitat loss for wild animals, pollution and the exploitation of resources that has affected these economic activities. This region has been feeling the effects of climate change in a huge way, and this is why the Northwest Passage has a ‘new normal’ according to NASA satellite imagery because parts of it have become ice free especially through the Canadian archipelago on the Arctic. This situation is causing a bit of a conflict between Canada and the United States.


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