Northwest Passage Sailing: Can it be Done? Should it be Done?

Northwest Passage sailing

Sailing can be terrific but not when our environment pays the cost. In the Northwest passage sailing may well now be possible but the reasons for this aren’t good at all. Once again it’s man benefiting from his destructive behaviour. This is because it is none other than global warming which has opened the passage to navigation. These waters have always been frozen, but now warming has meant a retreat of the polar ice cap. People are asking How will Global Warming effect sailing on the North West Passage? The good news is that the route now means thousands of kilometers less to navigate for ships, saving the marine industry plenty of time and fuel, with a faster shipping route. Rising temperatures have certainly created Northwest Passage sailing opportunities, but many experts say that the Northwest Passage is too shallow and that the many islands and inlets make navigation too tricky because of lack of infrastructure such as harbours or ports.