Cruise Ship Tourism Arrives in Canada

Canadian cruise ship tourism arrives with a fervour

Notable cruise ship tourism arrives in Canada with the opening of the Northwest Passage. While regular tourism is an enormous source of profit for the Canadian government, cruise ship tourism arrives with a specific set of customers, customers who tend to live large and spend big.

Cruise ships in the Northwest Passage have had an easier time with the increasing snow-melt due to environmental factors, and now is the time of year when they start pouring through. This passage is known for its incredible displays of natural beauty, with fjords and glaciers offering views that are unique to this part of the world. These breathtaking landscapes often include the rare polar bear and Arctic seal, animals that most people will only ever see in zoo’s or on television. Eager to take advantage of those visitors from these voyages, Canadian businesses have been busy building up their advertising and merchandise, as they fight to see which landlubber can be attracted the most to these seafaring adventurers.

Canada has seen an increase in this type of tourist lately, with cruises in this part of the word being selected for their beautiful vistas, even if it is freezing out.