Travel and Tourism in Canada: Is It Sustainable Tourism?

Travel and Tourism in Canada: Is It Sustainable?

I wrote in my last post about how we are not really looking after this pristine and delicately balanced area, how global warming is creating problems and man, forever greedy, has their eyes on what they can take from the region, with no thought to the impact that will have. The problems that nature has to contend with are increasing and so too is travel to these areas. I have a question: Is travel and tourism in Canada harming our environment? Apparently Canada is recognised as being at the forefront of sustainable or eco tourism, but after a brief foray onto the Internet, I found nothing about sustainability tourism in the NW territories or Passage area. What is sustainable travel and tourism in Canada? It is about being able to visit an area as a tourist and make a positive impact on that area, its society, culture and economy. Do any of the eco (sustainable) tours meet that expectation? Do they make a difference? If they do, how? I am really interested in your opinions on this as I am unclear. What makes a tour eco or sustainable? Are these tours regulated as to their carbon footprint? Are they actually making a difference to the area in a positive way? Let me know your thoughts via the comments. To more mundane matters, I need to take a loan today as I have to replace my car — it’s a long story involving ice and a truck. I am okay, but my car is totalled and I cannot do without it. A friend has suggested Ferratum; has anyone used them? Feedback appreciated!


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