The Beauty That is the NorthWest Territories (pics & videos)

Happy New Year to my few followers ( I really need more)  I wish you all the best for the coming year. i had some time over the holiday period to indulge myself with a few hours on the internet and in that time I found some wonderful pictures and videos of the North west passage and the NWT; I thought it might be nice to use a post to share them – a reminder of why this fabulous area should remain unspoiled.

aurora borealis -The Northern lights an image of unprecedented beauty
Aurora borealis From the journey of the MV Grey Goose

I found a wonderful blog by  Captain Douglas Pohl about his journeys through the North west passage and he has allowed people to crew onboard, wow that would be a dream come true.

A picture of Frozen tea being thrown in the Arctic circle

This picture of a thermos of tea being thrown was taken by Ontario based photographer Michael Davies.It was taken in Canada’s Pangnirtung about 20km from the Arctic circle.

Sun Dogs in the NWT, an atmospheric phenomenom

A Lovely picture of sundogs (parhelia), an atmospheric phenomenon also known as mock or phantom suns. This where two bright spots of light can be seen either side of the sun, often appears alongside a 22° halo –  both displays caused by millions of ice crystals. Best viewed when the sun is on the horizon.


Due to climate change and ice melt Bowhead whales have been photographed in the NW passage.

Finally a video of pictures from a 1957 expedition in the NW passage – well worth viewing.


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