Ice breakers

I thought it would be interesting to find out more about ice breakers and their use in the NW passage. So as normal off I went to Google but what did I find? The holiday of a lifetime, 18 days on an arctic icebreaker expedition. Oh I drooled over this holiday for over an hour – avoiding the cost page! What a fabulous itinerary, breathtaking in fact and all for the small cost of ( yes I looked) $20.695 plus airfares of around $2.000. I could probably manage the $695 – at a push. I wonder if they need any workers on board. I would do anything…seriously anything. Unless I win the lottery this is not on the card for me for next september but top of my bucket list so who knows? By the way there are many cruises up and around the NW Passage, it is just this one really caught my attention.

The Americans and Russians are looking develop their icebreaking fleet as the waters of the NW Passage become more available but I thought over the next two posts we could look at what the Canadian coast guard  has, In total they have 15 icebreakers.

Two heavy icebreakers:

CCGS Terry Fox & CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent

Terry Fox 1 (5x7) in ice one of the CCGS heavy duty ice breakers
CCGS Terry Fox

Four medium Icebreakers:

CCGS Amundsen, CCGS Des Groseilliers, CCGS Henry Larsen & CCGS Pierre Radisson

CCGS Amundsen medium icebreaker used as science vessel in summer
CCGS Amundsen

I wonder what life aboard one of these ships is like? Has anyone worked on one? If you have please let me know what it is/was like? I have found a fascinating document on icebreaking ships and some of their design structure with historical reference. Really interesting read.