Overview of effects of Climate Change on N.W. Passage

Concern over Global warning as it thins and melts the ice in the Noth West Passage
Melting Ice in the North West passage

As I mentioned in my last post more concern needs to taken over the climate change that is affecting the globe not just the NW Passage but as that is my focus I wanted to look at it some more.

Whilst there are monetary returns and great excitement I would think for businesses as the Arctic ice melts it is negatively affecting the animals and humans who live in this fragile environment. As the ice thins and becomes more dangerous people are moving inland, uprooting their lives and jobs, many of the traditional ways of life are being lost which is a great misfortune especially in a world that is just starting to wake up to the need for sustainable living and the traditional methods that are required for this. Our partners on this earth are effected to and as is sadly very normal more so than us. Moving inland is not a good option for them as their life; hunting and mating habits are all centered around the ice.  Soon the only place you will be able to see them is a zoo.

Another cause for concern is that with increased shipping will bring invasive species to the area in their bilge water. Ballast tanks on ships are filled with water from water from area and often dumped/changed in another. These problems this can cause can be seen by the zebra mussels in the great lakes, causing huge economic outlays to try to keep it under control, not something we want to see in the Arctic and a real possibility as the warming waters will attract more and more life that will change the fragile Eco structure.